Because the best defense is a good offense

September 2018

Remember: LOCKKILL is totally safe when used on any exterior house lock. However, some homes have internal deadbolts (usually on glass doors). LOCKKILL should never be used on an internal lock or you could cause a fire hazard.

Is LOCKKILL dangerous in wrong hands? YES! Thats why its important to price it out of the reach of the pranksters. A version of our product is repackaged and sold at THE SPY STORE on Fisherman's Warf and they price it MUCH HIGHER than we do for that reason. But you can always buy it here with NO TAXES and FREE SHIPPING. And we are the only place you can buy the combo set and save even more.

Why did we invent LOCKKILL? Out of a real-life need. You see we are property owners too. Ten years ago, hours before we were leaving for a trip overseas, we had to evict a tenant who was many months late on his rent. He was not happy about being evicted, and I had a feeling that he had not handed over all of his keys. What was I supposed to do? I had no time to call a locksmith. I had to secure the property quickly and leave on our trip knowing he would not be able to get back in. I had to really scramble to get the lock changed and we were almost late for our flight. Later, on the plane the idea came to me and LOCKKILL was born.

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